MainStage Keyboard Programming

KVM Switches for MainStage Keyboard Programming

I’m often asked about the best way to create a redundant computer rig for live theatre. Specifically, for use with MainStage keyboard programming and Ableton Live. A redundant rig with a functioning main and backup scenario would always include two computers, two audio interfaces, a MIDI splitter box such as the MIDI Solutions Thru, an audio switch such as a Radial SW8 and a KVM Switch. While the audio switch allows audio to be sent simultaneously from both the main and the backup interfaces so that with the push of a button the operator can choose the source of the audio that will be sent to FOH, a KVM switch allows the operator to control either the main or the backup computer from the same keyboard and mouse and to choose which computer to view on the video monitor.

It’s often tempting to purchase the fanciest KVM switch available and to utilize HDMI connectors for their superior video quality. However, I’ve found that this is one of those situations where often the simplest solution works the best. After trying many different KVM switches over the years, I often choose a simple IOGEAR 2-Port USB DVI Cable KVM Switch with Cables and Remote, GCS922U¬†for its reliability, ease of use, and excellent price point. Often when using HDMI switches, there’s a considerable lag time when switching from one computer to another. With a VGA or DVI switch, the latency is minimal. The IOGEAR switches are generally “plug and play” with zero setup time, they’re bus powered, and are easy to fit into a rack full of gear.

For live performance, I advise against programming a hot key for switching computers just in case there are any issues with the USB port or bus, or if one of the computers should crash mid-performance. Always use the switch button on the KVM switch for safety purposes.

I highly advise checking out the IOGEAR 2-Port USB DVI Cable KVM Switch with Cables and Remote, GCS922U I’m always happy to discuss options with anyone who is looking for something with more features.

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