The Ultimate MainStage Starter Kit


The Ultimate MainStage Starter Kit is designed to bring you from having zero MainStage programming experience to programming your own shows in as short a time as possible. With this kit you’ll receive a carefully developed custom MainStage template with over 80 patches which have been tweaked and modified to maximum playability and sonic quality. As long as your computer is running MainStage version 3.4.3 or higher, simply load download this template and follow the instructions in the accompanying 21 page user guide and you’ll be up and running in no time programming your own shows in MainStage!


The Ultimate MainStage Starter Kit

  • Custom MainStage Template and detailed user guide
  • Includes over 80 custom patches!
  • Patches grouped and color coded according to category
  • All patches are tweaked for playability and sound
  • Contains most of the standard sounds needed to program most keyboard parts in the musical theatre repertoire
  • Lesson package includes a one-on-one private online lesson to get you up and running even quicker!



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